Kherson smelters

What could be better than a holiday in nature, when there is a desire to escape from the turmoil and plunge into the surrounding splendor, when you can relax away from the bustle of the city? In Kherson region there is such a place, it is called melting. Kherson's fins are the kingdom of wildlife in the Dnipro Delta, it's something that you just need to visit at least once in your life.

In Kherson fins you can find a lot of wetlands, small meadows and flooded forests — real Amazonian jungle. The variety of flora and fauna surprises, more than 300 species of birds, plants, animals. Among the plant environment there are unique white water lilies, water nut, cornea and some others.


Dnipro's fins are wetlands, shredded areas of Dnipro, with abundant underwater and surface vegetation. Here the riverbed is broken into many sleeves, which are separated by islets. The variety of animals, birds, fish and plants of this area is simply amazing. This is a real paradise for fishing enthusiasts, for this nature has created all conditions.


The abundance of moisture and heat makes it possible for the exuberant growth of greenery, in the shallow waters of the Dnipro smooth water quickly warms up, which is good for spawning fish, and as a result of the inaccessibility of this place, a large amount of food and convenient nesting it is comfortable for birds. In general, with the onset of heat life here is boiling.

Kherson's fins are the lowest of the Dnipro smelter, they stretched for 200 kilometers from the Dnipro estuary to the Kakhov hydroelectric power plant. In addition to a simple holiday away from civilization and fishing, there is something to see and taste. Lots of historical and natural attractions, chateau with the best wines. There are cafes and restaurants with natural food, beaches, built hotels and recreation centers of different levels of comfort and prices. Also offered walks on yachts, boats, horses, quad bikes.

Map of the Dnipro Smoother